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At New Nail Creations™ you can be sure you are in a clean, environmentally safe and health-conscious atmosphere. My goal is to offer you the best services and the safest products available. I know that you are the reason I am here and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Lisa Ann Bowles


Hi! My name is Lisa Ann Bowles. I am the owner of New Nail Creations™ in Clovis, California and the author of the book "Nail Care Nightmares: The Truth Behind The Beauty, A Guide To Public Awareness".



BLINGline UV Gel Nails

IBX Natural Nail Repair

IBX Natural Nail Boost Gel

Dazzle Dry Manicure

"Responsible' Foot Care"



“Lisa Ann is a true nail artist and the product she uses is the best!"

Terragenx Rx53


Iodine micronutrient (Spray)

Iodine is the fuel that powers the thyroid, and thus all metabolic activity in the body. Since the immune system relies on the proper functioning of the metabolism to stay strong. Iodine can be incredibly useful in helping to boost your immune system.


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