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At New Nail Creations™ you can be sure you are in a clean, environmentally safe and health-conscious atmosphere. My goal is to offer you the best services and the safest products available. I know that you are the reason I am here and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Lisa Ann Bowles


Hi! My name is Lisa Ann Bowles. I am the owner of New Nail Creations™ in Clovis, California and the author of the book "Nail Care Nightmares: The Truth Behind The Beauty, A Guide To Public Awareness".



BLINGline UV Gel Nails

IBX Natural Nail Repair

IBX Natural Nail Boost Gel

Dazzle Dry Manicure

"Responsible' Foot Care"



“Lisa Ann is a true nail artist and the product she uses is the best!"

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