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I have created a FB Page and Group specifically 
for all LICENSED California Nail Pros and
currently enrolled nail tech students.
My objective in doing this is to connect you with experts,
educators and mentors in the nailcare
industry who can help you grow your business and fine tune your skills to perfection.
Gel Nails
Natural Nail Care
E File Training
Foot Care
Advanced Training
Social Media Strategies
California Laws,Rules & Regulations.
Whatever you need help with, you will find it here.
Click the link below then look for the GROUP button and request to join. 
2019  Training SCHEDULE
Responsible Foot Care Training
In this class I will teach you how to safely offer foot care services to 
any client but I will be putting  a strong emphasis on those who are
diabetic, senior, immunocompromised...
I will teach you how to correctly use our XCalibur Instruments for the job you need to perform.
This training is 8 hours and will include a pair of the XCalibur Nippers, additional instruments will be available for purchase.
Fee $175
Minimum of 4 per class
Below are photos of the vac system I have been using for years,to suck the dust away as my e file removes the gel,it is attached to my hand piece by small tubing.
If I didn't have this set up...This is what would be going in my lungs.
Ever heard of "White Lung"

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