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BLINGline UV Gels from Sweden


This UV Gel does NOT have any known cancer causing agents or reproductive toxins in its formulation such as some of the other artificial nail products may. (Methylene Chloride in particular. Found in a number of Bonding agents. Methylene Chloride is a known cancer causing agent and is on California's Prop 65 list noted as such.)


UV Gels are the perfect product for those who have had allergic reactions to other product and can not have those products on their nails any more or for those who are simply ready for healthy, natural looking, beautiful nails.


Full Set

All work is sculpted, No Plastic Tips   

From   $125


From $75
Safe Removal Of MMA Acrylic Nails

MMA (Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic) nails are made with chemicals that have been deemed "poisonous and deleterious" by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). They are usually very inexpensive, never lift, have an extremely powerful chemical smell and are nearly impossible to remove by yourself without causing mild to severe damage to your natural nails. 


The process of removing this type of acrylic nail can be a lengthy one. Please allow 1 hour for this service. Upon removal of this product, you can add a manicure or a Full Set of UV Gel nails. (additional fees will apply)

60 Minutes $100










Formaldehyde Resin has been found to cause allergic reactions. Toluene has been placed on California's Prop 65 list an a reproductive toxin. DiButyl Phthalates have been found to cause damage to baby boys who's mothers were highly exposed to this chemical during pregnancy.


The Dazzle Dry Luxury Manicure

This is the manicure for you if what you need is to relax, release and unwind. Your nails will be shaped and the cuticle area groomed. You will then experience a soothing, exfoliating hand treatment . The finishing touch will be a wonderful arm and hand massage topped off with a beautiful Dazzle Dry super fast drying, nail color of your choice.

This manicure will last a full 2-3 weeks (or more) with no chipping of the nail polish.

60 Minutes  $50.00

IBX Natural Nail Strengthening Treatment

This treatment strengthens from the inside of the natural nail, not on the top and is Perfect for those who want to grow their own natural nails.

A Spectacular product for thin, weak, nails, nails biters, those who have damaged nails due to chemo treatment.


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"Responsible" Foot Care

NOTE: All footcare is performed in a clean and sanitary environment following the regulations set forth by the Department of Consumer Affairs and The Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology of the State of California

All disposable items are thrown away upon completion of service.

All tools are appropriately cleaned and disinfected per state board regulations.

As a M-ANT  Graduate, ( Medical Advanced Nail Tech, MediNail Learning Center) I take the care of your feet very serious.


"Be Silky" Spa Pedicure

This service is for anyone who needs to relax, release and unwind.

A warm soak, exfoliation and smoothing of calluses, finished off with a relaxing foot and leg massage and Dazzle Dry, super fast drying nail color of your choice.

60  Minutes Minutes    $70

The ULTIMATE Luxury Pedicure

This pedicure is for anyone who needs to just, STOP and regroup.

The stress of the world is very real and very draining.

I have created this pedicure for those who need to get away ,if only for a little while.

Picture a private room

Cozy, warm, safe.

Reclining on a warm massage bed.

This pedicure is one like you have never experienced.

A warm foot wrap, exfoliation and smoothing of callus areas, relaxing leg and foot massage. Finished with Dazzle Dry fast drying nail lacquer.


90 Minutes  $100

Advanced Foot Care

This service is for those who are diabetic, immunocompromised, those who have excessively dry, cracked, heavily calloused feet. I can help restore your feet to a smooth, moisturized, healthy look.

Because this service is labor intensive it requires extra time to perform and consecutive  monthly treatments are needed to maintain optimal, ultimate results depending upon severity of dryness, cracks and callous.

Dazzle Dry super fast drying polish is included ( If desired)


90 Minutes $125

( Feet needing more care may require additional time and addition fee) 

Toenail Restoration

This  is the restoration of either 1 or both toenails using  a UV  gel which is Scientifically Engineered Specifically for the Toenails.

This restoration is for anyone who has deformed, damaged, missing, toenails due to one of any reasons. 


A doctors release may be needed.

There is NO valid reason to have ugly toenails anymore! 



1 Great Toe nail Restoration $125

( Includes Anti Fungal tincture)

2 Toenail Restoration $195

(Includes Anti Fungal tincture)

Restoration last from 4-6 weeks

ONYFIX Toenail Correction

Onyfix is a cutting edge technology, created to correct the ingrown toenail.

Using a composite, cured with a LED Blue light, ONYFIX will bring immediate pain relief to those with ingrown toenails.

No Needles

No Surgery

No Pain

Clinically Studied and Research Backed

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