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I am VERY particular about my nails and how they look. Not only does Lisa Ann use a GREAT product, she does a GREAT job. I go 6 to 8 weeks between fills and travel 3 hours to have my nails done. Lisa Ann’s work speaks for itself!

Wanda F. Fuller ~ Elderly Care Professional

Because I am a massage therapist, my hands are in lotions and oils every day. I can go 3 to 4 weeks in between fills (sometimes even longer) and have no lifting, no breaking, no problems with my nails. Lisa Ann’s technique, coupled with the gel product she uses, is superior to all. I wouldn’t allow anyone else to do my nails!

Jody M. ~ Massage Therapist



I wore acrylics for years and finally got tired of having them. After having Lisa Ann do my nails using UV Gel, I will never have anything else on my nails. I love the durability, the amazing shine and the fact that there is no smell.

Stephanie ~ Account Executive

I love the fact that there is no smell to the gel product Lisa Ann uses. The shine is beautiful, the finished look is thin and I can go weeks in between fills! Plus, I can have any custom blended color or nail art I want! What’s not to love?

Jeane ~ Tax Specialist

I truly believe Lisa Ann is a treasure! Her care and concern for her clients surpass that of so many others. Her work and the products she uses are number 1 in my book! I love the fact that this product is so safe and does not compromise my health in anyway and... I LOVE MY NAILS!

Tricia C. ~ Artist

I used to wear acrylics on my nails until I started having allergic reactions so bad that my fingers would throb, itch, burn and peel horribly. I heard about Lisa Ann and the gel product she uses and decided to give it a try. I admit I was a little bit nervous about having an artificial nail product on my nails again. Suffice it to say, my nervousness disappeared when Lisa Ann was done doing my nails. There was no throbbing, no itching, no burning, no peeling and no allergic reactions at all! Lisa Ann’s professionalism, care and attention towards her clients stand alone! If she quit doing nails, I would never have my nails done again!

Joyce ~ Retail Associate

I have tried to wear acrylic nails for at least the last 10 years. Acrylic nails would lift and break, and ultimately I would end up with a problem nail. It didn’t matter if I had my nails re-done once a week or every two weeks. I always ended up having to take them off. Then I was really unhappy. My nails were weaker than they were before the acrylics and so ugly. I had almost given up having nice nails until I happened upon New Nail Creations™. I LOVE my nails. These nails do not lift, break or crack and they are very strong. They look so very natural... just like my own nails. No one even realizes that I have gel on my nails. I have never been so happy with my nails as I am now.

Donna DeWeese ~ IRS Employee

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