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Professional and Personal Training

I have created a FB Page and Group specifically for all LICENSED California Nail Pros and currently enrolled nail tech students. My objective in doing this is to connect
you with experts, educators, and mentors in the nail care  industry who can help
you grow your business and fine-tune your skills to perfection.
  • Gel Nails
  • Acrylics
  • Natural Nail Care
  • E File Training
  • Pedicures
  • Foot Care
  • Advanced Training
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Strategies
  • California Laws, Rules & Regulations.
  • Whatever you need help with, you will find it here.
Click the link below then look for the GROUP button and request to join. 
Training by Lisa Ann Bowles
Certified ONYFIX Educator with The Manny Moniz Group
A first of its kind in the industry, the revolutionary ONYFIX Pain-Free Nail Correction System provides never seen before, medical level, non-invasive treatment for ingrown and involuted toenails.
The Benefits:
Pain Free
Rapid Pain Alleviation
Corrects The Nail Through Physiological Nail Growth
Effective Without Exerting Force On The Nail
Combinable And Individually Adaptable System
Effectiveness Confirmed By Studies
Particularly Suitable For Those With Diabetes
No Restrictions On Patient Activities, Including Swimming/Sauna
Nail Polish Can Still Be Used
Podiatrists are saying ONYFIX is a product, unlike anything they've seen before.
NO Glue!   NO BRACE!   NO Muss!   NO Fuss!
So simple you will be Amazed.
Due to the current financial situation, many are in due to the global pandemic, I am FREEZING the $179 Certified Training Fee, until further notice.
In order to take advantage of this offer, you will need to purchase your kit prior to scheduling your training whether it is online or on-site.
The cost of the kit is $499.00
   (plus PayPal Fee & Shipping) 
For More Information Send All Inquiries To
"Responsible Foot Care" Training for the PRO
In this class, I will teach you how to safely offer "Responsible Foot Care"
services to any client but I will be placing a strong
emphasis on those who have diabetes, are seniors,
You will learn how to correctly use our XCalibur Diabetic
Safe Instruments, and the Angelfeet Pedicure File with the
Dazzle Dry Spa Pedicure line. This class includes a pair of
the XCalibur Nippers, the Angelfeet PRO Pedicure File, the
Dazzle Dry Spa Sample Kit, and a Dazzle Dry Mini Nail
Lacquer kit.
Additional instruments will be available for purchase in class
Fee $350
Class Duration 5 Hours
Minimum of 2 Nail Pros Per class
Certificate Upon Completion
Personal FootCare
I have created this opportunity for those of you who don’t or
won’t go to a salon to have your feet taken care of, for
whatever the reason. Maybe you don’t like your feet touched.
Maybe you’re afraid because of the infections you’ve watched
on the news from pedicures gone bad.
Maybe you’re tired of paying good money for a pedicure that
gives you no results. Maybe you need to learn how to safely
take care of your loved one's feet.
I saw a need and created this opportunity specifically for YOU.
This training with my Step by Step written instruction, will
teach you how to get the same results I get in my salon, using the same
products I use.
Fee: $180

1 Pair XCalibur Diabetic Safe Toenail Nippers ($65)
1 Angelfeet Pedicure File ($82.95)
1 Dazzle Dry Be Silky™️ Callus Softener ($10)
1 x 8 oz Shea Butter Cream ($40)
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